Lifespan of a Fly

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Musca Domestica : The Common Housefly

Musca Domestica : The Lifespan of a Fly

Musca Domestica, the most prevalent insect we encounter, is none other than the common housefly. Accounting for almost 91% of all the flies that live among us, they invade our homes and consume the buffets we set before them. They are one of the most elusive insects, making it far too difficult to eradicate them completely. They are the guests that never leave.

So, just what is the lifespan of a fly? Why do these insects choose your home? And, just how you are going to get rid of your fly problem?

The Lifespan of a Fly

If you find yourself here desperately hoping to find good news about the lifespans of the flies that currently overwhelm you, we’re sorry to disappoint. The lifespan of a fly ranges from 15 to 30 days. For some of us, this is far too long to play landlord to these invasive tenants.

Why Does My House Attract Flies?

Now, the lifespan of a fly highly depends upon ideal temperatures and cozy living conditions. Does this sound like your home? On average, flies that live within our homes, under the blanket of comfort you’ve worked so hard at creating, live longer than those exposed to the harsher elements of the wild outdoors. They also physically develop and reproduce faster than their homeless counterparts. But who wouldn’t benefit from balmy temperatures daily and a buffet of favorite foods regularly set before them?

Houseflies and Humans : A Dangerous Relationship

Everyone has a relationship with houseflies. It is the inevitable fact of life, a looming shadow of a relational nature that is far from cordial. However, flies do have their place in this world other than the food chain : waste management.

Fly larvae instinctively feast on decaying, organic matter perpetuating a recycling flow that aids in the control of high waste volume in our environment. Though this exploratory approach has not been fully exploited, the potential of utilizing these insects’ natural cycles for environmental control boasts of highly beneficial outcomes.

Houseflies have a very brief life cycle which is the absolute, major cause of uncontrolled populations. With such a short life cycle, flies multiple rapidly, exposing their human hosts to high risks of disease at a transmission rate that is among the highest there is in the insect world.

Learn more about the life cycle of a fly and why this brief period of their lives makes them so dangerous to humans!

But Are Houseflies Really Dangerous?

The Lifespan of a Fly Allots for Significant Spreading of Disease

The scary, sobering fact about flies is that they are indeed dangerous to humans. These flying coffins have been known to and can potentially carry more than 100 diseases, including deadly diseases such as tuberculosis and cholera. They are the fastest delivery service available, carrying pathogens from their breeding grounds and instantly transmitting these deadly, dangerous diseases just by feeding and walking on surfaces we interact with daily.

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Initially and instinctively many people desire to repel flies and never see them again. And, while this seems logical, the problem is that the flies often do want to see you again! Repellents are limited in range, and often times aren’t powerful or effective enough. You may strategically place repellent at the front of your house, but flies are clever. They will circle around and waltz right in the back door. Repelling flies is only temporary. That’s why you have a fly problem!

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