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The Problem with Repelling Flies

First of all, we know you’re wondering what is the best fly trap available. Well, there are two philosophies in the science of how to combat bothersome flies. Either you repel them or you attract them. The initial reaction for many would be to repel them. “Just get them away from me! I never want to see them again!” However, the problem is that the flies do want to see you again! Since repellents are limited in range, if you place one at the front of your house, the flies will circle around and come in through a side window or a back window. Consequently, repelling flies is only temporary and will not solve your problems.

The Flies Be Gone Fly Trap is the Best Fly Trap Available

The Best Fly Trap Available: Flies Be Gone

On the contrary, attracting flies will solve many of your fly problems! Simply, attract them into a container from which they cannot escape!

While inside the Flies be Gone trap, flies enjoy free food, free water, maternity benefits, and fellow fly companionship. The specially designed trap door allows them to come in but keeps them from escaping. Here, they spend the rest of their days as happy and content as a fly can be. From the flies point of view, if you have to leave this world, Flies be Gone certainly offers a great avenue.

The Secret : It’s in the Bait

Now, the secret of any successful fly trap is the bait, the lure that attracts the flies. There are other fly baits that have been used for ages. These include honey, vinegar, rotting meat or fish. They will work and they will attract flies. The problem with these baits is twofold :

1. The Fly Bait Lifespan

Firstly, their life span is limited usually to only a few days. The necessity of changing new bait every few days is inconvenient at best and more often – downright tedious. Not to mention that if you forget to change the bait, the device simply stops attracting flies.

2. Bait Range

Secondly, their range is usually rather limited.

Fortunately, Flies be Gone uses propriety baits designed to be effective for up to 30 days and to attract over a large outdoor area. But best of all, these baits are made without poisons. The safety of your children, pets, and environment is an important concern of Flies be Gone.

Check out Flies be Gone Traps in Action!

It Catches Thousands of Flies!

We know seeing is believing. So, check out the Flies Be Gone nontoxic fly traps
and see for yourself why Flies Be Gone is the best solution to your fly control problems!



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